Trend Report: Incursion Season

Incursion season is upon us. Don't know what to wear to help you fit in? Don't sweat it, we've got you covered. 

This look is all about the camo. Get the camo and you are on your way to a successful incursion season. Your first incursion? Go with hints of camo in form of  a backpack, a bullet proof vest or a ski mask. Fill in the gaps with army green or denim. Full-time revolutionist? Go head to toe camo. Nothing says, 'I'm serious, bruh' like a full camo suit.


Accessories complete any outfit. Go from weekend warrior to full-on stolen valor with these must-have accessories.

  • Fingerless gloves. Insider tip: Get a pair with knuckle protection. Keeps your hands work week ready and it's a great secret weapon.

  • Sunglasses. Anything reminiscent of what the SEALs wear in movies will work.

  • Boots. Go with something 'ultra-military.' Break them in first, clean boots won't fly with this crowd.

  • Vodka. Keep it legit - keep it Russian. 

  • Flair. Let your personality shine through! Patches, reflective tape, customized holsters are all great add-ons. Insider tip: hints of neon orange are the way to go. It's a classic safety color and a traditional look of incursion no matter where you are. 

  • Canned goods. While canned meat is more manly, a can of beans is completely acceptable if you are watching your weight.

  • Weaponry - the most important accessory of all for any incursionist. Machine guns, hand guns, pocket knives, machetes, grenades. Get it all and wear it all at once. 

  • Fur. Wearing fur at any incursion is always a top notch move. Not only a nod to early incursionists, it projects an air of seriousness. It says, 'I hunt animals. And men.'

  • Dogs. One or a pack. If you have a pack of dogs following you around, men will soon follow. 


But it's not always about what you wear, often it's about what you do. Learn how to make a trash fire. Learn a few key phrases in another language. Learn how to make friends. Learn how to shoot. 


Most importantly, respect the locals. Courtesy counts.


You've got the look. You've got the tips. Now get to your unsanctioned front lines.

We deem you incursion-ready.