Back to School Trend Alert: Boy Soldiers

Feeling lost and uninspired by the Sports Luxe, Athleisure and Health Goth trends?

Boy Solider might be the perfect trend for you. 

Back to school has never been more inspiring or perhaps more disenchanting. 

You decide. 

There's no subtle message here, this look relies heavily on brain-washing and exploitation of weakness. 

You are in or you are dead. So get with it. Lay the groundwork - start with a base layer of army green. Recruit a friend.

Trust us, a friend is the best accessory when it comes to going full "boy soldier."

At the core, this look evokes a spirit of boyhood exuberance combined with naive fearlessness. It's a man's world colliding with a boy's dream. Build your look with refreshing mixing & matching of classic mens styling :

  •  Neck-ties with sleeveless logo tees

  • Clown masks as accessories paired with oversized button-downs stolen from someone older, or dead

  • Combat boots with cut-off dress pants worn low with your grandpa's belt

  • Mis-matched flip flops with trouser socks

*Stylist Tip: Be experimental. You have a gun/you make the rules. 'No white after Labor Day? Say what, bitch?' 


The 'boy solider' accessories are authoritative and defining of a renegade lifestyle built upon youthful dreams. 

While a smile can be playful, the weapon driven accessories are hints at mindset of survival and seriousness. Wear that smile with pride and wear it always while shooting. You are a soldier, son.

Unlike the other trends-of-the-moment, Athleisure and Sports Luxe, being athletic is key to 'boy solider' success. It is the 'realism' of this look that appeals to the trendiest youth of today - being 'real' is the ultimate trend. 

*Stylist Tip: Cut your prep time in half for nailing the fit 'boy solider' look with a weekend at your local Cross-fit. Ask them for the 'boy solider' training to nail the 'shoot, hide and starve regime.'


At the core of the trend is a need for 'belonging;' bright pops of color lend themselves to the need to show loyalty to a homeland, a clan or a gang.

*Stylist Tip: Add the perfect pop of color with a bandana. You can wear it so many ways: in you pocket, on your head and in dire times, use it as a tourniquet. 

Simplistic patterns, dusty earth-tones, and hand woven textures evoke the simplicity and grittiness of the look and its' natural origins.

To be tough, you have to look tough. Let nature guide you.

DIY personalization anchors the 'boy solider' look. Hand embellishments reign: a motivational phrase or a threat to your enemy scrawled on a gun or well-worn tee, a painted pattern on a bare chest, embroidered badges of belonging, embellished weaponry and beaded shell accessories all complete the look.

Let these embellishments express you. Why? Because it's all you have. You gave up your life when you became a 'boy soldier.' Let your inner light shine where you can. 

*Stylist Tip: Don't be afraid to steal an accessory or two from your most recent kill. Sometimes the best finds are the unexpected ones. Kayne taught me that.

Ultimately, this trend is about strength. Be defiant in your look and on-lookers will cower. Go get 'em kid.